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This section is to help anyone interested in volunteering have a better understanding of what each job entails:


  • This position involves helping consignors unload their cars as well as moving dropped-off items to appropriate sorting areas. It is imperative items not get piled up at the door as this impedes the flow of drop-off.

  • Trash bags with clothing items should be taken to the stage for sorting. Other items should be taken to areas set aside for that purpose-check with sorting chairperson as to location.

  • You will be responsible for examining clothing, toys, books, etc. before they are put into the sale. You will need to carefully check clothing for stains, rips, missing buttons, excessive wear, broken zippers or musty/smoky odors.

  • Your main responsibility will differ depending on where you are stationed on the floor. For the most part, you will be given individual responsibilities by the Floor Chairperson and may even be rotated to different positions as the day progresses.

  • In the general shopping area, just be aware of anyone who may has a need for a helping hand. If they need an extra bag, or have a baby they need help with (if you do hold any babies, please stay in the vicinity of the parent), please try to do all that you can to help them.

  • Straighten tables as necessary.

  • The main objective of the Saturday wrap-up shift is to get the clothing that has not sold re-sorted into each person’s box for pick-up. Once all clothing has been divided back into the appropriate boxes, they need to be double checked to make sure only that seller’s items are in that box. As with the Floor positions, you may be asked to do something different and may be shifted from one duty to another as needed. We will also be putting things from the sale away and getting the gym and church back in order.

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