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Who can volunteer at the Kids Resale Shoppe?
We welcome all volunteers. Children 13 years and older can volunteer along with a parent. You are NOT required to consign with us in order to volunteer! Anyone can work at the sale to earn early shopping privileges.



What volunteer shifts are available?

How do I sign up to become a volunteer at the sale?


How long do I need to volunteer?

Volunteer shifts are 3 hours long.  You can work as many shifts as you would like.  However, to qualify to shop the volunteer presale on Friday night from 6-8 p.m., you will need to work 6 hours total. Plan to split the time into two (2) 3-hour shifts (one on either Thursday, April 7 OR Friday, April 8 AND the other on the day of the sale, Saturday, April 9).

Volunteer shifts on Saturday from 1:45pm-4;45pm or 4:45pm-7:45pm, will receive one $15 Target gift card at the end of that shift.

Can someone work a shift for me and let me shop?  

Yes!  Many times, a family member volunteers 6 hours of time, which allows another family member to shop.  One person may shop for every 6 hours worked.  If you are planning to have someone other than yourself work your volunteer shift, please let our volunteer coordinator know by sending her an email at


We encourage husbands and fathers to work volunteer shifts, too!  We are always needing men to help with sale set-up, moving items, wrap-up, etc.


Can I donate my volunteer hours to someone else?

Yes!  If you plan to work some volunteer hours and would like to donate those hours to someone else so that person can shop the volunteer pre-sale on Friday, April 8. Please let our volunteer coordinator know by sending her an email at  For every 6 hours of volunteer time completed, one person may shop the pre-sale.


Where do I go when it's time for me to volunteer?

The sale takes place in the West Gym (the newer, big gym) at Westside Church of the Nazarene, 8610 West 10th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.  You can park in the back of the church and enter the kitchen door (Door 15).  You can also enter through the garage bay door that will be open during drop off times on Thursday only.  


How do I sign-in for my volunteer time?

Look for one of the Kids Resale Shoppe committee members wearing a green apron (watch for the helium balloon floating in the gym... the committee member will be directly underneath).  That committee member will have the volunteer sign-in clipboard and instructions for your specific job during your shift.  


What should I bring?

Just your car keys and cell phones!  We know that most of our volunteers have cell phones they like to keep handy in case their kids have an emergency, so feel free to bring them.  However, we do ask that you concentrate on your work during your volunteer times and avoid making unnecessary phone calls and texting during your shift.  We appreciate your help with this!  


We do suggest leaving your purse and other valuables in your car as there is not a place to store those things in the church.  You could lock those things in your trunk rather than leaving them in the front of your car.  Westside Church of the Nazarene and the Kids Resale Shoppe is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Depending on your shift length, you may also bring a drink and snacks.  We will have water for volunteers and some things to snack on, but if you prefer your favorite Starbuck's drink, feel free to bring your own!  


Can I bring my kids to help during the volunteer shift?

Unfortunately, no.  We do not allow young children to help during volunteer shifts due to safety concerns.  Please plan on making arrangements for childcare.  Just think of it as some break time for you!  


The only exception is for nursing mothers with newborns or infants who cannot leave their babies for the length of their shifts.  If you are a nursing mother and need to bring your baby, please plan to bring a stroller or infant carrier with you so the baby has a safe place to be next to you while you complete your volunteer shift.  You will need both hands free!  


When is the volunteer pre-sale?

Volunteers who work 6 hours of time are eligible to shop the volunteer pre-sale on Friday, April 8 from 6-8 p.m. Cashier registers will be open during volunteer shopping from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Please plan to check out accordingly. A volunteer can have one child in 3rd grade or older stay with them while shopping.


What are the perks of shopping during the volunteer pre-sale?  

You get the first chance to purchase the best items being sold at the sale! While we always have plenty of great items for the main sale on Saturday, shopping the Friday night volunteer pre-sale gives you access to the best selection of clothing, toys, baby furniture, books, etc.  


What is it like to shop at the volunteer pre-sale?

It's tons of fun!  It's a little bit like Black Friday shopping as people often line up to be able to choose the best items first!  It's a high-energy time and nothing is better when you find that great toy or piece of clothing for a bargain price! 


Do you have any tips for shopping the pre-sale?

Before the sale, make a list of the items you would like to purchase for your child(ren).  Go through their existing clothes and see what you will need to complete their wardrobe for the season.  Then, have them try on some of their clothes to see what size they will be in for that season.  Note sizes of shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, etc. on your list.  


We will have LARGE black trash bags for you to use while you shop.  Yes, people do fill those bags, and sometimes more than one!  If you would prefer something other than a trash bag to use to carry your items, feel free to bring your own bag or rolling cart from home.


You are free to line up in the hallway as early as you would like.  Volunteer pre-shopping will not start until 6 p.m., but many people line up earlier than that.  The first people in line enter the shopping area first.


When you are finished shopping, feel free to sort through your items to make sure you would like to purchase everything in your bag.  Please take those items that you decide not to purchase back to the gym and resort accordingly at your earliest convenience. This ensures we get out in good time Friday night and are ready for the sale to start Saturday! Thanks for your help in this!


Where do I go to get in line for volunteer shopping?

Please park in the back parking lot behind the church.  Enter Door 14, and sign-in at the volunteer shopping table just inside the door.  Then, you can get in line to shop!  Since volunteer shopping begins at 6 p.m., we suggest that you get in line no later than 5:45 p.m. so you can hear any announcements.

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