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First, you will need to register and create your online consigner account in MySaleManager. Once your account has been created you can begin creating online bar-code tags. The process is very simple using our updated online website.





  • To ensure you are properly credited for your items that sell, please follow these instructions carefully. Improperly tagged items will not be accepted or will be pulled from the floor.

  • Print your tags on WHITE  paper.

  • If you wish to donate clothing, please print your tags on color paper. Any clothing item that has a colored tag will not be returned to you. Note, we are unable to accept toys, books and shoes for donation

  • All prices should end in 50¢ increments ($0.50, $1, $1.50 or $2 etc). Price your items reasonably.  We suggest you price articles 10%-15% of their original cost.  Remember you receive a generous 75% of the sale price.



  • Handwritten size & description should only be inside the box.

  • Clearly and largely write "BOY or GIRL" and the SIZE at the top of the description box for fast viewing

  • CHILDREN’S CLOTHING – must be a size number (i.e. 6 months, 2T, 10-12). Small, medium, and large are not acceptable!  If the clothing tag is marked this way, please identify a comparable size. Please label junior clothing as "Junior"

  • MATERNITY CLOTHING – should be marked according to the clothing tag. Often, maternity clothes are marked small, medium and large rather than a number size

  • SHOES – should be marked according to the size on the shoes.

  • Inside the description box, underneath the clothing size, write a brief description of the article. The more detail you include the better. (i.e. instead of "blue dress" put "blue old navy dress with flowers"

  • Including the gender, size, and description on each tag ensures your item gets to the correct location to be sold.



  • Tags should be printed on WHITE paper. If you want to donate any unsold clothing attach with a colored paper.

  • Attach tags using 1” or larger safety pins (preferred) in the "pin here" area indicated at the top of the tag. Use of tagging guns with card stock paper is permitted although we are not responsible for tags that get separated for the item. NO STRAIGHT PINS, STAPLES, or TAPE.

  • Items with more than one piece should be safety pinned together

  • Tops and pants should be folded (including maternity clothes)

  • Coats, jackets, suits, and dresses, outfit sets, button up collared shirts  should be placed on hangers. Same goes for maternity clothing (coats, dresses, work tops) Make sure the hook of the hanger is facing
    toward the right shoulder. The hanger should look like a question ?

  • Pin tags to upper left corner of clothing (as if you are wearing it). If using tagging gun, please attach in a seam or inconspicuous area of the garment 



  • Tags should be printed on WHITE paper.

  • Securely attach the tag to your item with a safety pin, clear masking tape or painters tape (if the surface is delicate), BUT make sure the tag can be easily be removed. Tags that are taped on all four sides have to be fixed before they go on the sales floor so another tag can go underneath. 

  • After you have dropped off your items we will ziptie/tape another tag to the item for the buyer to complete in order to purchase your item.



  • When placing items inside Ziploc bags to sell, please tape a WHITE tag to the OUTSIDE of the bag, not to the item on the inside.

  • Use only clear packing tape to secure tags to items.  Do NOT use masking, scotch, or duct tape.



  • Shoes should be secured together with zip ties

  • Zip ties will be made available at drop off.

  • You may attach the tag by passing the zip tie through the tag
    or using a safety pin thru the zip tie and tag


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