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Consignors now have the OPTION to discount any of their item(s) on Saturday only!! All items are full price on Friday. On Saturday, any tag

that reads "DISCOUNT yes" will be 50% off.

How do I print tags?

It's easy to participate! When you log in to print your tags, you will now see a pull down box that says "Allow Discount?" Simply say yes or no. Any item with a tag that says "Yes" will be 50% off Saturday. Tags that say "No" will be the price listed.

​​​What about tags leftover from the last sale?

You CAN still use them on items you want to keep FULL price. You will have to log in and create a new batch of "discount Yes" tags in the appropriate amounts if you want to particate. 


Can I hand write yes on my tags?

NO, you can NOT strike-out and hand-write yes on the tags because the barcodes are different. Items will automatically be adjusted when scanned at checkout on Saturday.

Can I still donate my clothes after the sale?

Yes, just as in previous sales, any clothing you do not want back at the end of the sale (regardless of whether you chose to discount or not) can be printed on a colored tag and donated.

Do I have to discount items?

Absolutely not! This is optional, and is offered to help you get your items sold on Saturday!

Can I request discounted and non-discounted tags in the same "batch"?

Yes! Tags print 6 to a page and can have both types of tags printed depending on what you submit!

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