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First, you will need to register and create your online consigner account in MySaleManager. Once your account has been created, you can begin creating online bar-code tags. The process is very simple using our updated online website.


  • To ensure you are properly credited for your items that sell, please follow these instructions carefully. Improperly tagged items will not be accepted and will be pulled from the floor.

  • Print your tags on WHITE copy paper.

  • If you wish to donate clothing, please print your tags on color paper. Any clothing item that has a colored tag will not be returned to you. Please do not use off-white paper paper that may be hard to tell if you intend for the item to be returned. Note, we are unable to accept toys, shoes or books for donation

  • All prices should end in 50¢ increments ($0.50, $1, $1.50 or $2 etc). Price your items reasonably.  We suggest you price articles 10%-15% of their original cost.  Remember, you receive a generous 75% of the sale price.

  • Once your consigner account has been created, you can begin managing your online tags.

  • Log in using the returning consigner login using your consignor number and password:

  • From the Consignor Home Page, you can do the following activites:

    • Un-register For Our Upcoming Sale

    • Update My Account Information

    • Vounteer To Work

    • Order Barcode Labels

    • View/Approve the Seller Agreement. Please remember you must confirm agreement by entering YES at the bottom.

    • View/Approve the Worker Agreement

  • Click "Order Barcode Labels"

  • Enter a price for your labels, the quantity of tags you would like created for that dollar amount, and if you want to discount your item for Saturday.

  • Click on the "Submit Barcode" button

  • Note: 6 labels print to a page.

  • Don't worry, you can photo copy or print more tags if you run short

  • Allow Discount? should always say "no"





  • After you have entered all the prices, quantities, push "Submit Order"

  • Tags can now be displayed for printing as a .PDF by clicking "Display Barcoded Tags For Printing"

  • A pdf file will open and you are ready to print. Need Acrobat reader? Click here!

  • Your tag batches are saved for future reprinting.


  • To make more tags you can either:

    • Make copies on a copy machine OR

    • On your consignor homepage, under "barcode order status" you can click a batch number to reprint tags on your printer

  • Visit our printing tips page for important info!

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