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Are my items safe?

Every year, thousands of recalled children's products are circulated through secondhand markets, putting our children at risk for completely preventable injuries or death. Most often, the previous owner simply did not know the item had been recalled. If we work together, we can put an end to this problem and make children's consignment events and stores among the safest places to shop!


We pledge to inform consignors that they must check for recalls and help educate shoppers about the importance of registering their belongings for future recall alerts. Kids Resale Shoppe is committed to the safety of the Sellers and Shoppers who participate our event.


All items are carefully inspected during consignor check-in. However, all items sold at KRS are sold "as-is". We encourage you to check your items for recall before purchasing. is a fast, easy, and trusted resource to check for recalls. Use the tool below to check your items for recall before Selling and or Shopping. 


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